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An aspiring author, I am self taught, and still learning. I now have two fantasy novels self-published and will soon be publishing Maroz as an ebook.

If you read any of my books and enjoy them, please return to the place in which you got the book and leave a review. Every bit helps.

If You Plan on Reading One of my Books....
Please go to my Author's page Kenneth J. Ester and read "Hell in a Storm" first. I personally feel it is a better written novel than Maroz, and more likely to be enjoyed. Hell in a Storm is the first book in the Demon Siege Trilogy. Book two, "The Descent of Darkness" is now also available.

Maroz - The Novel
I appologize for any inconvenience. As a now self published author, I have decided to add Maroz to my published books list. I am presently going through the book and re-editing it, and boy did it need it. I cannot believe how far I have come since writing Maroz. However, I am confident that this will make Maroz for a much more enjoyable read and as soon as it is available for purchase, I will post it. As well as editing the story, I am also changing the names of many characters, as I did not feel the names we passable once I started reading it again.

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Letter to my Readers

Dear Readers

First I would like to take a second and reveal a little about myself. I found I have a love for writing back in 2003. Before that I have never written more than a few demented Christmas poems. In 2003 I began my first novel by writing for a half an hour every day at lunch time at my job.

I have never taken any kind of creative writing course or class in school. Everything I know about writing a full length story comes from reading other novels and seeing what the other authors do. Although I am proud of myself for doing as well as I do in writing, considering I am completely self taught, I also realize I am failing in areas. After all, if I was great, I would be published by now. The problem lies in the fact that I am ignorant of where I am at my weakest.

Do I over analyze the story? Is it not descriptive enough? Am I screwing up my grammar? Are my characters too alike? IS the story in itself boring?

My greatest goal would be to someday be good enough to be published. However, I am a poor man as my career as an automotive engineer has come to an end due to the crumbling economy. I cannot afford to take a course or pay someone to edit my work. So the only way I will ever become good enough to publish is if I learn what I am doing wrong and fix it.

For this reason I would ask anyone who reads my book to critique it as well. Whether it be my grammar or my story telling or whatever. I will not say I will take everyone for his word and do everything I am advised, but I will take anything and everything into consideration and try to learn from it. So any help whether it be left in comments or emailed to me would be greatly appreciated. However, if you do e-mail me, please write "Maroz" in the subject.


I am mostly done with my new book, "A Storm of Demons". However, due to the stress of facing Christmas and being broke I have been having a hard time getting into the mood to write. Once that book is done, I will be sending a query letter to some agents in hopes of interesting one. If that fails, I will be placing that book on-line for all to read as I have done with Maroz. In the mean time I may be adding some small tidbits in the future.