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An aspiring author, I am self taught, and still learning. I now have two fantasy novels self-published and will soon be publishing Maroz as an ebook.

If you read any of my books and enjoy them, please return to the place in which you got the book and leave a review. Every bit helps.

If You Plan on Reading One of my Books....
Please go to my Author's page Kenneth J. Ester and read "Hell in a Storm" first. I personally feel it is a better written novel than Maroz, and more likely to be enjoyed. Hell in a Storm is the first book in the Demon Siege Trilogy. Book two, "The Descent of Darkness" is now also available.

Maroz - The Novel
I appologize for any inconvenience. As a now self published author, I have decided to add Maroz to my published books list. I am presently going through the book and re-editing it, and boy did it need it. I cannot believe how far I have come since writing Maroz. However, I am confident that this will make Maroz for a much more enjoyable read and as soon as it is available for purchase, I will post it. As well as editing the story, I am also changing the names of many characters, as I did not feel the names we passable once I started reading it again.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hell in a Storm - Update

Well so far my novel has not caught the interest of an agent. Yet I have renewed hope. I do not believe it is any weakness in my writing of the novel that caused agents to turn it away but possibly the weakness of the Synopsis and therefore I have recently rewritten the Synopsis.

I also believe it may be the subject as well, but I hope not. I have read many novels about heroes like Druss the Legend (by David Gemmell) having to fight a demon. I have not however, read to many books where someone was demon possessed. Not in the fantasy genre at least. I have never read a book where there were angels and those I have heard of or seen in movies are usually angels that were cast out of heaven and corrupt. I fear there is an image in peoples minds (most importantly the Agents minds), that angels fighting demons would be too much of the Christian genre and turn them away.

"Hell in a Storm" reveals the spirit world closer to how I believe it is, but it revolves more around the human characters. It has its religious aspect, but it has much more in the ways of the warriors. In fact I fear that "Hell in a Storm" may be too much in between the Fantasy genre and the Religious category. It has more about the angels who serve a loving God and their battle against the demons who want nothing more than to destroy what God loves most, the humans, than other Fantasy books do. Yet it has far too much blood and violence and a little too much cussing to be sent to Christian publishers. In a weird way, Hell in a Storm bridges the gap between Fantasy and Religion and I fear that might cause both sides to shy away.

I hope and I pray that there will be an agent who can look past that and just try reading the book itself. I believe they will like the characters and even though they will know the ending from the synopsis, they will like the two small twists at the end.

Since "Hell in a Storm" is the first book in the Demon Siege Trilogy, I have a good start on the second book already. I believe the second book might be better and I have a bigger surprise planned for the end. The third book will have something in it that will be the gateway into another series of books... if I get that far. There will be no reason to continue that far if I cannot get Hell in a Storm picked up first. Unfortunately, this is not Star Wars and I don't know if it would work to start of in the middle of a trilogy.

I can only hope and pray that the new Synopsis will make the difference.