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An aspiring author, I am self taught, and still learning. I now have two fantasy novels self-published and will soon be publishing Maroz as an ebook.

If you read any of my books and enjoy them, please return to the place in which you got the book and leave a review. Every bit helps.

If You Plan on Reading One of my Books....
Please go to my Author's page Kenneth J. Ester and read "Hell in a Storm" first. I personally feel it is a better written novel than Maroz, and more likely to be enjoyed. Hell in a Storm is the first book in the Demon Siege Trilogy. Book two, "The Descent of Darkness" is now also available.

Maroz - The Novel
I appologize for any inconvenience. As a now self published author, I have decided to add Maroz to my published books list. I am presently going through the book and re-editing it, and boy did it need it. I cannot believe how far I have come since writing Maroz. However, I am confident that this will make Maroz for a much more enjoyable read and as soon as it is available for purchase, I will post it. As well as editing the story, I am also changing the names of many characters, as I did not feel the names we passable once I started reading it again.

Friday, May 18, 2012

New Coupon for Hell in a Storm

Since Hell in a Storm is a new novel from a new author, I decided it would be best to offer it free for a short time in hopes people will read it, like it, and spread word about it.  Especially since I feel it gets much better near the end.

So please feel free to enter the code UL74Q when you purchase it and it should be FREE. My Smashwords page lists the coupon as only 99% of however, so if you have a problem getting it free, please let me know through E-mail, and I will gift you a copy to the email address you reply from..

This is a limited offer at

If you enjoy the book, please leave a good review!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hell in a Storm - Now Available

Hell in a Storm, my latest novel, and book-1 of the 'Demon Siege Trilogy' is now available as an E-Book at the price of $2.99. If you do not have a Kindle or other E-book reader, do not be discouraged. Hell in a Storm is also available in a downloadable format for reading on your computers.

The first 25% of the book is also available as a free preview so you can give it a try before deciding if you want to spend the money to finish it.

If you should purchase my book by June 10th, 2012, please enter the coupon code FN47Y to get a 30% discount.

Hell in a Storm is now available at Smashwords and should be available in most E-Book stores in a couple of weeks. However, it will not be available at Amazon just yet. I will be working on that one.